Large Groups

We love hosting large groups! If you’re a walk-in group of 9 to 14 people you’ll be presented with a Nonna Sharing Menu upon arrival. Perfect for large groups, our Nonna Sharing Menus are either all or partially served family-style. No one ever goes home hungry. Plus, it’s lots of fun!

Or to reserve a table for 9 to 14 people, contact our Reservations Coordinator who will be happy to assist you: 

Nonna Sharing Menus


What's a Nonna Menu?

We've designed our Nonna Sharing Menus especially for large groups and no one ever goes home hungry. Imagine sitting around a large family table (your grandmother’s or nonna’s table, to be exact) where large platters of food are placed and everyone serves themselves. Our Nonna Menus also include our signature dishes like our kale salad and wild mushroom pasta.

Do I have to choose a sharing menu?

Yes, you do. That’s because we’ve found that our Nonna Sharing Menus allow us to provide groups of 9 or more with the best dining experience possible. It’s what we do well!

Can we bring in our own cake?

Absolutely! You can bring in a celebratory cake or cupcakes. We’ll be happy to store it, add candles and present it at the right time. The plating service fee is $3 per guest.

My group is more than 14 people, now what?

For groups of more than 14 who want to reserve a table, we have two dining options. Our private Wine Cellar seats 20 comfortably, and our Rooftop Party Table seats 30 comfortably. Click here for more Private Dining information.

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